The Basics - Interactive Classroom Package

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The Basics - Interactive Classroom Package


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The Basics by ETron Circuit Labs is Electronic Education Curriculum designed for the 21st century student.  This fully interactive guide is ready to take your technology program to the next level.  Starting with electronic basics, this fully interactive course teaches each component, how it works and interacts with other components.  It progresses into more complex labs with exciting projects the stimulate learning and inspire further exploration.  The Basics is fully backwards compatible with Tron.ix 1 and Mr. Circuit 1 courses.

The Basics Interactive Classroom includes the following:

25 Licenses for all interactive content

25 Interactive student textbooks

1 Teacher Interactive Program

25 The Basics Complete Complete Lab which includes The Basics manual (ETCM1), The Basics parts kit (ETCP1), Solerless Circuit Board (CB111) and 9-Volt Battery (SK9VB)

Interactive Classroom License good for all updates through June 2019.

Educator discounts available.  We accept purchase orders from schools and other educational institutions - Please call for details 888-821-1100 or fax purchase order to 888-821-1100

ISBN - 978-0-9979532-0-6

Part Number D-ETCL-A

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