Digital Theory - Interactive Classroom

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Digital Theory - Interactive Classroom


***   SHIPPING JUNE 15, 2018   ***

Digital Theory by ETron Circuit Labs is Electronic Education Curriculum designed for the 21st century student.  Featuring 35 exciting Labs, Digital Theory picks up where The Basics leaves off teaching the necessary Digital Theory needed to be competitive in a technology based job market.  

The Digital Theory Interactive Classroom includes the following:

25 Licenses for all interactive content

25 Interactive student textbooks

1 Teacher Interactive Program

25 Digital Theory Complete Labs which includes Digital Theory manual (ETCM2), Digital Theory parts kit (ETCP2), Solerless Circuit Board (CB222) and 9-Volt Battery (SK9VB)

Educator discounts available.  We accept purchase orders from schools and other educational institutions - Please call for details 888-821-1100 or fax purchase order to 888-821-1100

***   SHIPPING JUNE 15, 2018   ***

ISBN 978-0-997532-2-0

Part Number: D-ETCL2-B

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